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Premium taste


Our berries are found in the pure and clean arctic forests in the Lakeland district of Finland.  Naturally ripened berries are handpicked to ensure premium quality.


You can benefit from our dried berries and powders to enhance the flavor of ice creams, fine pastry fillings, muffins, jams, jellies, preserves, and fruit bases. Dried whole berries and be eaten as such – for example as a snack!

Berries add natural flavor to fruit bars, smoothies, yogurts, and sorbets. Manufacturers add berries and berry powders to beverages, smoothies, pastry products and other recipes as a natural sweetener. Berries are healthy for their high antioxidant component.

Safety and quality

On the palm of hand

From pure Finnish forest to customer, our in-house quality team is dedicated to addressing food safety and compliance throughout the product life cycle.

All our products are 100%  hand-gathered in the pure arctic nature of Finland. The berries are immediately frozen  after picking to preserve the fresh delicacy.

We are committed to using the industry’s best practices and are transparent in every phase of the production, packaging and shipping.

Reliable delivery and logistics


We understand the importance of getting your product to destination both on time and in optimal condition. We know that delivery, logistics, and coordination have a profound impact on your business vitality.


Your orders are processed efficiently in order to reach your final destination quickly.

Strong emphasis on sustainability​
Bilberry powder

The berries are picked from renewable natural forests.

  • We use gentle picking methods which do not erode the nature and which minimize the effects to the shrubs. This ensures the sustainability of the future crops.

  • We are committed on continuously improving on our recycling and waste disposal methods and use mainly organic and recyclable materials

  • We honor ethical principles among our foragers.

  • We ensure the well-being and respect of our employees.

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