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Clean finnish nature

The Story of Arctic Natural Products

We are  bringing  you the natural treasures from the arctic forests to your table in the easy form of powders and dried products.

Wild berries, mushrooms and herbs have been exposed to the sweet sunlight of the nightless Finnish summer and have grown organically in the pristine forests. This ensures  the aromatic flavors and extraordinary vitamin contents of the bounty. 

The products are all caringly handpicked after which they are immediately freezed and then either dried or freeze-dried allowing the products to retain the maximum of their health benefits, color, taste and natural appearance (i.e. whole berries).  

Easy to use - just add to food or drinks, use in baking or cooking. Please refer to our recipes and videos for inspiration! 

Old finnish forest - home of berries

Drying Process - Berries

• The skin of the Arctic blueberry (vaccinium myrtillus) is very waxy and soft and it breaks fairly easily. In order to avoid the breakage our berries are carefully hand-picked. The berries need to be intact in order to ensure best result in the drying process. We source the berries ourselves from reliable pickers thus ensuring the quality of the berries.

• Immediately after the berries are picked, and delivered to us, we freeze them and take them to be freeze-dried. This process is completed by a specialist company (Nature Lyotech) in their freeze-drying tunnels in Finland.

• Freeze-drying is:

Developed from technology used in scientific freeze drying.

No heat damage, no capillary liquification, preserves ingredients as they are.

Capable of retaining nutrients, flavor, aroma and appearance perfectly.

All natural, additive-free, extreme shelf life in room temperature.

Rehydratable back to fresh anytime.

• After the drying process the berries are immediately packed in moisture protective packaging and they are kept dry and protected from light (sunshine).

For detailed information regarding freeze-drying please visit

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